Week #21

Hello everyone!! The last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to eat a low amount of carbs and a higher amount of protein and good fats. Its been fun to explore different things and figure out what works for me.  I know if I eat too much sugar, I don’t lose weight.  I’m beginning to… Continue reading Week #21

Week #19

Hello everyone!! First off, sorry for not doing a blog last week.  Last friday I wasn’t feeling well at all and I was so tired that I couldn’t think of anything to say.  It was one of those days that I did what I had to and then I couldn’t wait to get to have… Continue reading Week #19

Week #17

Hello everyone! The last couple weeks I’ve felt like I’ve finally turned a corner. It felt like for so long I was stuck at the 10 pounds loss point and now I’m nearing the 15 pound point and it feels great!  During the week I used to think about the unhealthy treats that I would… Continue reading Week #17

Week #16

Happy friday!   Hope you all have had a good week! This has been a good week for me. It started with some tiredness and weariness but it has been one of those weeks God has used a bunch of random events in my week to bring me to a new understanding and clarity. The beginning… Continue reading Week #16

Week #15

I’m learning to enjoy the journey more. Last night while it was still raining, there was a huge rainbow stretched across the sky and the sun was starting to peek out from the clouds which made the grass and fields so vibrant in their colors.  It was a moment that reminded me of the amazing… Continue reading Week #15

Week #14

Sugar! Sugar! Sugar! It’s everywhere!! Especially this week immediately following Easter and all the chocolate it involves. This week I participated in a Sugar detox group on Facebook. It definitely has been very eye-opening.   It’s amazing, actually more like scary, how easy it is to go down the slippery slope of too much sugar.  To… Continue reading Week #14