Week #17

Hello everyone!

The last couple weeks I’ve felt like I’ve finally turned a corner. It felt like for so long I was stuck at the 10 pounds loss point and now I’m nearing the 15 pound point and it feels great!  During the week I used to think about the unhealthy treats that I would allow myself to have on Saturday and now its freeing not to allow myself to start thinking about it. I really think that was slowing down my progress so much.

At the start of this week I asked God to help me to say no to temptation but also to create in me thankfulness for the food that I can eat that is healthy and that will nourish my body. Because the truth is even though I’m not allowing myself “treat days” any more, there is still so much good food that I can have and enjoy.  I don’t want this weight loss journey to become a drudgery and something that I hate. As I have said before, this is about being able to find freedom and satisfaction in Christ rather than in food. God’s ways are not burdensome, I’m so thankful for this truth each time I am reminded of it. There are so many things in this world that offer to temporally mask our pain and struggles but only Christ heals us fully.

I thought this blog I would talk about some of the food and products that I’m really enjoying lately.  I am thankful to be able to start to love the healthier food out there and I hope it continues!  Many of these things have come recommended by friends so thank-you!

This blog will be less words and more pictures…  Here we go!

(p.s. If you have any other items to add to the list, please do so 🙂 )

These mustards are from Denninger’s and they are so delish!  I’m trying to use mustards more than mayo and other sandwich sauces these days.
This beet hummus is from Costco.  I normally don’t like beets but this hummus is really growing on me.  I like having hummus and rice crackers for lunch.  I’ve always heard beets are so good for us and now I found a way to have them that I like!
I know, I know these are normally meant for kids but I enjoy the convenience of them and all the different flavors they come.  The best part….no added sugar! 
I found these at Bulk barn!  When I feel like some chips, I’ll have these.  For a 1/3 of the bag there is 10g of protein and of fiber. Because they are denser chips, i find them to be more satisfying. I can easily have a handful and be satisfied.
These are a great snack that is high in fibre. There is 7g. I try not to have them very often as there is also 10g of sugar in them but they are a good treat.  I found them at Fortinos
I love the single serve packages this quinoa granola comes in, it helps with portion control.  It tastes great with almond milk.  I’m learning to like it when I can read and say all of the ingredients on the list!  When I have this for breakfast I just have one package (there is 170 calories in it) nd I’ll put some fruit with it and I’m full.  I found these at Winners
I’m starting to really like coconut.  These are from costco and they also make a great sweet treat!
I was just introduced to this a few days ago.  Its just water with some natural flavors.  A great drink when you want something more than just plain water!
Apples in a chip form with nothing added, how wonderful is that?!  These have a great crunch to them!  These are from costco.

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