Week #12

Well on this rainy night, I’m sitting at my desk writing this blog.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day so this seems like a good time to sit down and write.

I joined the gym again this week!  There’s one 5 minutes from my house and it’s a nice new and comfortable gym.  Its not the cheapest gym around so I kept putting it off but I felt like I needed to start making it a priority again. I’m going first thing in the morning and that seems to work well because I know once the day gets started, things are busy and I don’t have as much energy to workout. It is also really good motivation to go to bed earlier at night when I know I need to be up early 🙂   I felt a little like the prodigal returning back to the gym but its been a really good start.  Next week I’m going to begin following this workout plan:  http://www.superskinnyme.com/weight-loss-exercise-plan.html so I’m not aimlessly wandering around 🙂 Wednesdays and Saturdays I’m not planning on going to the gym but those days I’m going to try to go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air.  Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are going to be my gym days.

Last Saturday night was like a reset time for me. I went to a Saturday night church service with a good friend and God spoke to my heart about a few things through the sermon.  It was a sweet time of God drawing me closer again as He showed me some of the things I allowed to distract me from what’s most important.  Afterwards we went out for dinner and our conversation was really encouraging.  Sometimes just being able to share openly and honestly with a friend is life-giving and healing and I’m so thankful for those times.


The recipes I’ve used this week:

On Monday night I made quesadillas!  I had some roasted vegetables left over from last week so I used them up with some cheese and salsa and they were delicious!


I also made some guacamole this week, and that was my dinner for Tuesday night. For dessert that night I had a Greek yogurt parfait.  I didn’t really use a recipe for my guacamole- I did it by taste 🙂 I used 2 avocados, ½ tomato, a couple of tbsp of onions, some lime juice and some salt.

For Wednesday dinner I made this really yummy and easy-to-make creamy tomato pasta.  I will definitely be making this recipe again….it was so good!  I used whole wheat pasta and made a salad to go along with it. Here’s the recipe: https://www.budgetbytes.com/2013/07/creamy-tomato-spinach-pasta/


Tonight we had a peameal bacon roast and I drizzled some maple syrup on the top as it cooked, and we also had sweet potato casserole and coleslaw to go with it. Here are the recipes I used:



Both were great recipes, especially the sweet potato casserole!

The last couple of weeks I’ve made these no bake cookies.  They are kind of like the “haystack” cookies.  There are perfect for when I have a craving for something sweet!  I keep mine in the freezer so that they will last longer 🙂  What I love about these cookies is how its so easy to add my own ingredients to them.  I keep the liquid base the same but along with the oatmeal I add coconut, chai seeds, hemp seeds and flax seeds for extra nutrition.  If you ever want a healthy sweet, try this recipe! https://stephaniebrijbag.wordpress.com/2015/12/31/21-day-fix-no-bake-cookies/


That is all for now friends!  I’ve found myself saying to a number of people lately is how I really believe it has been this blog that has forced me to stick with things this time around. In the past I would have given up long ago so thank you for reading!!


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