Week #11

As I’ve been reading and listening to things about weight loss, one common theme that keeps popping up is how anything we try to overcome and change in our lives the battle first starts in our mind. As I continue to press on in this journey certain key phrases keep running through my mind.

The first is from the book “Made to Crave”: And what we’re craving will always depend on whatever we’re consuming.  I’ll be honest and say that I never understood when I heard people say that they are craving a nice salad or fresh fruit because all of my cravings have always been for chocolate, a bag of crispy chips or pizza with lots of cheese. I thought I just had the wrong kind of taste buds! (I’m partly kidding on this part 🙂 )  More and more though, I’m realizing how true that statement is, and not just with what I’m eating but in all areas of my life.  The more I learn how to eat healthier, the less I’m craving all the junk I used to think was okay to eat regularly.  I definitely still crave those things at times but I’m slowly starting to feel the desire for healthier things that won’t feel so heavy in my stomach.  Since I’m more aware of this truth now I can see it playing out in other areas:  the more TV I watch, the more I want to watch. When I’m faithfully reading my Bible each day, I really miss it on the days I don’t do it. This week when I was at Tim Hortons, I saw a vanilla dipped donut (my favorite!) and started to justify in my mind why it would be okay to get one but then I started to think how I will crave what I eat; so giving in this one time will just increase the likelihood that I will give in the next time.

The second thought the keeps running through my mind is also from the book: We were made for more than this. More than this failure, more than this cycle, more than being ruled by taste buds.  This truth is helping to keep things in perspective because I’m looking forward to the day when I won’t feel shame after another week of eating whatever I wanted and turning to food for fulfilment. I was made for more than always wishing I felt more comfortable in my body and secretly being jealous of people who are thin. I was made to live in the way the writer of Hebrews describes, “…let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.”

Last week I shared with you all the article I read that week that seemed to speak to me in many different levels.  I can’t describe the things I’m experiencing in my heart any better than this article does so I’ll just share the parts that seem to be exactly from my journal:

I have learned that when you are walking with Jesus, the Holy Spirit is always up to something. And when it comes to conviction, I have found the Spirit to be gentle but relentless. 

Change and transformation is an ongoing process. I am always grateful how the Spirit isn’t harsh or overwhelming but rather how at the right time and in the right moment, we know it’s time to change.

We begin to sense that this Thing that used to be okay is no longer okay. The Thing that used to mean freedom has become bondage. The Thing that used to signal joy has become a possibility of sorrow. The Thing that used to mean nothing has become something, perhaps everything….

It has happened about other habits or dependencies or sins or stumbles in my life as I’ve followed Jesus. I’m always glad for it. This has been the source of a lot of transformation in my life: something that was okay suddenly becomes not-okay and inside of that, there is an invitation to more shalom, more peace, more hope, more love, more trust, more wholeness. It’s never about deprivation, it’s about becoming who we were meant to be all along.

In the old days, they used to call this “holiness” or “sanctification” – both words we don’t hear much because they lost some meaning by their misuse perhaps. I do know this sort of transformation whatever we want to call it hardly ever happens all at once, it’s a slow burn and it refines and clarifies and distills. We grow into our new choices….

Conviction is less about condemnation than it is about invitation. It’s an invitation into freedom. It’s an invitation into wholeness.

There is so much value in reading other people’s stories and I’m so thankful for the way they can encourage and spur on so many people, in many different ways.

Here are the recipes I used this week:

I came across this blog a few weeks ago so this week I tried it out. It was so handy these roasted vegetables in my fridge ready to go! http://www.superhealthykids.com/11-ways-to-use-roasted-veggies/20170327_172433

Spaghetti and tomato sauce:  I used rice pasta, tomato sauce, fried some ground turkey and mixed in the some of the grilled vegetables. For my salad I used the sweet kale mix.


Mushroom sauce Meatballs with rice with the grilled vegetables. For the mushroom sauce I used a can of mushroom soup with half a can of milk.  http://allrecipes.com/recipe/85148/fast-and-friendly-meatballs/


I made these banana muffins and they were so yummy! http://cookieandkate.com/2015/healthy-banana-muffins-recipe/


That’s all for now!  Hope you all have a good week!  If you ever have any questions about the recipies I post, just let me know 🙂


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