Week #9

Between March break and the snow storm this week, I had a lot of this week off and it was so lovely! I was home for 2 full days straight!  That hasn’t happened for a long time 🙂 Then today I went for a hike in the snow with some good friends and their cute kiddos!  This week was restful both physically and emotionally.20170314_113724

I’m not sure if anyone else does this too, but when I have a week off, one of my favorite things to do is organizing things at home. So, organizing I did and I also had more time to spend focusing on getting onto the 21day Fix food plan and the daily breakdown plan I created last week seems to work well.  It felt good to have this time to do this.

I’m still hovering around the 10 pounds lost point. It’s frustrating sometimes and my weight loss is going slower than I want it to. I’m discovering though that so much of life is just pressing on even when the results aren’t as evident as hoped. But godliness with contentment is great gain. (1 Timothy 6:6)  On one hand, as Christians, we should always be desiring to grow in godliness. On the other hand though, I think we are called to be content in that process, trusting that God is still working even in the times we don’t see the results we want. Because so many times in those moments, God is shaping and molding our hearts to prepare us for the next stage of the process. All we can do in those times is hang on for the ride and celebrate the little things, like the times my jeans are definitely fitting looser 🙂

Image result for god is always doing 10000 things in your life

For my breakfasts this week I didn’t have anything out of ordinary for me. I had eggs and toast a couple of days, my favorite whole grain oatmeal pancakes, and cooked oatmeal with nuts.  The change I made is having a serving of fruit with each breakfast. Some days I had a banana, or a glass of real fruit juice.

For Lunches this week I picked up cold meat, tomatoes, a box of salad greens and sliced cheese and made whole wheat tortilla wraps. I pair the wraps with a protein shake that usually was my afternoon snack too.  It worked well for me. I’ve tried having shakes for breakfast but I love breakfast and want to have the feeling of eating something. This week though it worked well to have a shake in the middle of my day.

These are the dinners I had this week:

This past week I also put together a YouTube playlist of exercise routines I can do in the evenings after dinner. My goal is to keep this habit up. I did it for 10-15 minutes this week.  I know I’m going to need to do more working out than that but for now, its where I’m going to start.

My other goals for this week are:

  1. To focus on not allowing myself going crazy with what I eat on the weekends. I’m beginning to think that I’m allowing my weekends to ruin the progress I’m making during the week
  2. To start reading the book “Made to Crave” by Lysa Terkeurst. This is another circumstance when God continues to provide exactly what I need when I need it. I heard about this book a couple of weeks ago and it looked oddly familiar to me. I then realized that I actually already had the book.  I still had my receipt in it so I know I got it in 2011 and had started to read the book.  I didn’t get very far in it so I think it is time I finally read it!!

So that is where I am presently in this journey. Sometimes taking 2 steps forward and then a step back. But more than ever I want to press on in the battle in the grace and strength God is giving me.  We have a good God who cares deeply about our every step.


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