Week #8

Wow this week has flown by!  I got home Tuesday and that popular saying is true, there is no place like home!  It’s great to get away, to have a change in scenery but coming home feels right and comfortable.

To be honest, this week hasn’t gone as expected and other things have taken priority. I’m learning that is just life sometimes and the next week is a new week. I did spend some time this week trying to figure out the 21day fix container system. I haven’t gotten into the full swing of things yet as this week I didn’t have Monday to plan out my menu for the week and that makes a huge difference. I already have seen though, how many carbs I have and how I don’t have nearly as many vegetables and fruits as I should.

I’m looking for some advice this week:

  1. What is your favorite protein powder?
  2. I need to lunch ideas…especially ones with lots of vegetables
  • 4 Green Containers:vegetables
  • 3 Purple Containers:fruits
  • 4 Red Containers:proteins
  • 3 Yellow Containers:carbohydrates
  • 1 Blue Container:healthy fats and cheeses
  • 2 Orange Containers:seeds and dressings

My Daily Breakdown plan:

Breakfast: 1 fruit 1 protein  1 carb

Snack: 1 fruit

Lunch: 2 veggies 1 protein 1 carb

Snack: 1 protein

Dinner: 2 veggies 1 carb 2 proteins

Snack: 1 fruit

Sorry that is blog is so short!  Hopefully next week I’ll be back to the full swing of things. I just wanted to let you all know that I didn’t forget about my blog this week.  God bless you all my friends!


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