Week #5

20170213_130521Life is a battle. But it’s a battle worth engaging in. Sometimes in the hardest of struggles, the most beauty can be found and marveled in. I’m so thankful for moments of perspective- the times God lifts your mind and thoughts to a new place and then you start to see more clearly how much you have to be grateful for. My emotions have been up and down lately, I’m not exactly sure why but I know these seasons God uses in my life to strengthen my trust in Him because I get to see how He carries me through every twist and turn. He leads and guides my heart each moment I encounter.  It’s an adventure filled with much grace and moments of an ever-deepening joy not dependent on life’s events. This adventure is only possible through Jesus because His joy is our strength!

Earlier this past week, I went out for lunch with one of my best friends. She has kindly offered to take me out for lunch when I reach certain points of my weight loss journey.  We went to Mountain Grill in Winona. They have excellent Indian food with the perfect amount of spice in my opinion 🙂 During our lunch, I told my friend that I felt like I needed some more inspiration, that I didn’t know sometimes what to write about in my blog.  A couple of days after that my friend sent me a link for an article by a girl who lost 105 pounds. Reading her insights in that article was exactly the encouragement I needed and it assured me that any lifestyle change will come with its struggles and that it takes time.  Since then I’ve looked at other articles on google and pinterest for other stories and insights on weight loss. There is much wisdom gained from learning from other people and their stories. They provide fresh motivation and inspiration to continue on in our own journeys.

Testimonies are powerful! As a Christian, I love reading and hearing about other people’s stories of how they came to faith in Christ. One of my favorite websites to go to is iamsecond.com. It is a site filled with short films telling of how people’s lives have been completely transformed through faith in Christ. Those stories often provide encouragement and refreshment to my heart. They are living proof that Jesus really does change everything!

“Come and see what God has done” is a common theme in scripture and I think one of the reasons for that is when we see something happen with our own eyes, there is a more lasting impact. So, on the days of discouragement we all will experience, let’s go and see what God has done and what He can do. Read the incredible stories in the Bible of how God worked in the lives of His people. Listen to and read testimonies. Let other people’s stories spur you on and remind you of God’s faithfulness.  His mercies are new every morning and His faithfulness lasts forever.

Here is my meal plan for this week!


I’m going to have Kefir which is like a drinkable yogurt.  It’s really tasty! Here is some more information on it if you want to know more about it: https://draxe.com/kefir-benefits/

I’ll also have my regular breakfast options.


I’m going to have whole wheat wraps this week with turkey, spinach, tomato, cheese and mustard. I picked up a coleslaw salad I’ll have with a sweet onion dressing.


For soup this week I made Beef vegetable soup using this recipe: http://www.gimmesomeoven.com/vegetable-beef-soup-recipe/ 20170213_132040

I also want to try these recipes this week: I will try to remember to post pictures during the week of the things I’ve made!

Whole wheat white chicken lasagna: https://www.100daysofrealfood.com/recipe-white-chicken-lasagna/



Last week I made some really yummy zucchini bread! I had some leftover so I froze individual portions for this upcoming week. This is the recipe I made: http://cookieandkate.com/2016/healthy-zucchini-bread-recipe/

I also make some peanut butter oat bars.  There were really easy to make. The ingredients are peanut butter, maple syrup, oatmeal and flax cereal.  I also added some hemp seeds and chia seeds for added nutrients. Here’s the recipe: https://www.100daysofrealfood.com/no-bake-peanut-butter-oat-bars/

My main goal this week is to eat an apple a day! I hear it will keep the doctor away 🙂

Hope you all have a great week!


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