Week #1

20170116_152057Hello everyone!  It feels good to began this journey!!  I’m excited and nervous at the same time!  I’ve started trying to lose weight and eat healthy many other times before and I’ve always given up along the way. So, I’ve been thinking about what is going to make this time different. I feel like I have a really great plan in place and I have many people holding me accountable. I’ve also made space in my life to be able to give extra time to embark in this journey. All theses things are really great, but this morning I read the story in Matthew about Peter seeing Jesus walk on the water towards them and he asked Jesus is it was truly Him, if He would allow Peter to walk towards Jesus on the water.  Peter was doing great as he kept his eyes on Jesus but as soon as Peter took his eyes off of Jesus, he begun to sink. I thought that it was good timing for me to come to that narrative this morning. It was a really good reminder of the necessity of keeping my eyes on Jesus through every up and down.  That is going to be the difference maker this time. That is where I can find a new hope!

Anyways, this was a busy morning getting things prepared for the week. I’m sure I’ll figure out a good routine. I had to go to a meeting this morning at 11, so I made my beef stew and did my grocery shopping beforehand. There was mostly fruits and vegetables on my shopping list this morning so it made it easier to do a quick shopping trip! I timed myself; and I was able to get into the store and back to my car- all in 15 minutes! That’s really fast for me!  I like shopping 🙂

My big focus this week is going to be drinking enough water.  I got some really nice water 20170116_152234bottles (that don’t leak!) for Christmas. They hold 3 cups each so I want to drink 8 cups each day. My plan is to drink 2 bottles full and 2-3 cups herbal tea each day.  What is everyone’s favorite tea?  I’m starting to drink more tea. My current favorites are peppermint and lemon honey…..hmmm….

This is my meal plan for this week:


The recipes:

Monday:  I love this beef stew!  I’ve made it a number of times and it always turns out 20170116_152253fantastic! I find though that flour works best to thicken it.  Here is the link:  http://allrecipes.com/recipe/25678/beef-stew-vi/?internalSource=hub%20recipe&referringContentType=search%20results&clickId=cardslot%202

For lunches this week I made ranch flavored dip for my vegetables.  Its really simple, its just sour cream and spices. Here is the recipe i used: http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/2011/12/01/recipe-ranch-flavored-dip/

To go along with my veggies and dip, I’m going to have brown rice crackers and some cheese. (pink containers on main picture)

Wednesday: I’m going to make chicken wraps with whole wheat tortillas, tomato, spinach, cheese and pesto!

I’m going to make coleslaw for a salad. The sauce will be made from sour cream, honey, mustard, apple cider vinegar and fresh lemon juice.

Thursday: I look after my nephews on Thursdays so for lunch I’ve been making the Annie’s brand of Mac and cheese.  The ingredients in it look a lot better than the regular bought mac and cheese- it is supposed to have 80% organic ingredients! Anyways its quick and easy, and we all like it 🙂  so its going to be the game plan for thursdays lunch.

For dinner I’m going to make Meatloaf, mashed sweet potato with honey and cinnamon and green peas. I’m going to try this recipe for the meatloaf:


Each Monday I’m going to make healthy, low-fat muffins and baked goods for during the week.  This are the recipes I used and I highly recommend them!


(I don’t like raisins so I always use other things like seeds and dark chocolate cut up. I use honey to sweeten  and sometimes I also use brown sugar in the raw for part of the amount)


I think that is all!  If you come across any great recipes, feel free to share them 🙂  Hope you all have a great week!!




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