Introduction: The Practical Plan

Each Monday will be my preparation day for the week. I’ll post a blog with my meal plan for the week and the recipes I’m going to be using. I’m planning on making some of the recipes on Mondays and  I will have pictures of some of the things I’ve made for the week.  I’m planning on doing this blog for 24 weeks, until the end of June. I’ll share stories, some ideas/tips I’m learning along the way and updates with how things are going. I want have some fun doing this too 🙂

Exercise will be a part of my plan, though it won’t be a big focus this time around.  My plan is to do some stretches and floor exercises each morning and then each Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will also do an extended time of cardio.  Some things I’m going to do for cardio are going for walks, swimming, skating and workout videos at home.

Mondays will also be my weigh in day.  I know accountability will be important for not giving up in this journey. I’m going send a friend a picture of my weight each week so that I keep on track. We have made a plan to celebrate when I reach certain milestones.  There’s also a group of lovely ladies in my life that have an accountability Facebook group for eating healthy/weight loss going for a number of months now.  I haven’t always been diligent with posting my progress but getting to see their progress inspires me greatly.

I’ve based my plan off of a few different cookbooks and websites. The blog I’ve found most helpful personally is It posts many great recipes!  When I made up my weekly food plan, I tried to plan it around the recommendations of the Canada Food Guide.

Things to enjoy:

  • Real, unprocessed food. Food in the most natural state.
  • Lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Natural sugars
  • Water, coffee, tea, milk, natural fruit juice

Things to avoid:

  • Refined sugar
  • White flour, pasta, rice
  • Deep-fried foods
  • Processed, packaged food

Each week’s food plan will look similar to this one:


Some explanations:

  • Each Monday I’m going to make a large pot of soup so that I have a couple of potions to freeze for lunches and the times I’m out. I’ll try to do the same thing with the other meals I cook thorough the week
  • I will be buying some packaged food. My goal is to buy things with less than 3 ingredients or with ingredients that are readable and within the plan.
  • Either Friday or Saturday night I’m going allow myself to have a meal that doesn’t follow this plan fully. 1 “free” meal. Holidays and birthday parties I will also allow myself to have some treats.
  • One guideline that works well for me is that I won’t buy and eat food when I’m out alone. I normally don’t struggle with eating too much when other people are around.
  • I’m going to try not to eat after 7:30 each night. If I do, it will be a fruit/vegetable or sometimes popcorn. (hot air popped)

I’m sure I’ll be adjusting some things along the way but this is the plan I’m going to start with 🙂


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